OVC OIDF 2024 is going to be held at China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center from 16th-18th May.,2024, Anticipating over 360 exhibitors, the exhibition center will be fully occupied, welcoming nearly 30,000 professional visitors and hosting more than 20 high-level forums and technical seminars.

Since its premier in 2002, the OVC OIDF 2024 has been successively held for 19 sessions, attracting nearly 5,700 well-known enterprises from 30+ countries and regions globally, and professional visitors have surpassed 570,000, while concurrently, forums and symposiums have exceeded 180 as well. With its deepening steps into professtionalization, marketirization, internationalization and brandization, nowadays, the OVC OIDF 2024 has evovled into one of the top influential optoelectronic exhibitions, regarded as one of the three leading optoelectronic exhibitions, becoming an important platform for the world to get access to the latest developments of China’s optoelectronic industry.

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